SportifEye Advanced Single Vision


Visual Performance Incomparable with any other single vision lens

SportifEye Advanced Single Vision is the latest solution delivering a new concept of vision in high definition from the center to the edge of the lens. Fully personalized using Digital Ray-Path? technology, this lens maximizes visual performance. The wearer experiences the new concept of ?no limits vision?. Single Vision provides the best visual combination of perfect vision with optimal comfort. It is especially beneficial for high minus and plus prescriptions, prescriptions with large astigmatic corrections, and sport frames.

Single Vision Benefits:

  • Fully personalized single vision lens
  • High-definition vision from the center to the edge of the lens
  • Improved visual definition in all gaze directions
  • Especially beneficial for high minus and plus prescriptions, and prescriptions with large astigmatic corrections
  • Perfect for wrap frames
  • High precision and personalization thanks to Digital Ray-Path? technology
  • Variable inset and thickness reduction

SportifEye Advanced Single Vision Target

Single vision wearers who want to wear wrapped sports frames as well as any single vision wearer with a high Rx.

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