E-Commerce Logistics And Fulfillment For Rx Programs

Full-service turn-key handling of all your prescription and sports eyewear needs. From order entry and customer services to inventory, branding and product development, we can handle your entire prescription, sun or safety Rx program.

Full-Service Optical Laboratory

Provides expertise in high speed Digital Surfacing and precision edging. Whether it’s a vintage frame or a brand new high performance sport goggle we have the equipment, experience and expertise to provide the highest quality finished product available. Utilizing the newest 5 axis edging technology from some of the most respected vendors in the world.


Private Label Service

Provides opportunities for companies to create exclusive prescription eyewear programs with your colors, your logos and your branding. We can make your prescription sunwear look just like your plano sunwear. Sportifeye has the unique ability to offer lens designs for virtually any occupation, lens color filtering for practically any lighting situation and lens coatings to improve the appearance and performance of any eyewear.

Premium Performance Coatings And Lens Treatments

We provide custom coating services for small to medium size customers looking for premium quality coatings. Custom coating services include Anti-Fog, Anti-Scratch, Anti-Reflective, Mirror, Color Filtering, Hydrophobic and Oleophobic treatments. We can coat your lenses or provide lens and coating packages. Sportifeye also has the unique ability to replicate most any mirror color or density.

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