SportifEye is a cutting edge, full-service optical laboratory pushing the boundaries of correction and protection in prescription, sport and safety eyewear. We are experts at fulfilling and customizing prescriptions in high-wrapped frames based on the wearer’s visual needs.

We believe in getting things right the first time. Equipped to meet ANSI, Ballistic, EN166 and MIL-Spec requirements, we are consistently updating our equipment and technologies to deliver precisely crafted lenses for high-wrap frames with compensated prescriptions that other Rx lens vendors can’t accommodate.

Our mission is to provide superior, custom-made prescription eyewear that will enhance your visual performance and appearance.

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We employ leading-edge technologies to offer a complete line of lens designs, surfaces, coatings, and finishing that meet the highest safety standards for protection and correction.

As a Full-Service Optical Laboratory, we provide Private Label Service, Premium Coatings and Treatments, E-Commerce Logistics And Fulfillment For Rx Programs.

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